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To become a successful photographer, you must be strong in both art and business.  To be a successful boudoir photographer requires so much more.  While some of the basics of business and pricing are the same for most genres of photography, boudoir clients want different products, they require a specialist’s knowledge of posing and lighting, and they demand a different experience.

Only a few years ago, boudoir was considered an obscure niche.  As this style of photography grows, boudoir photographers are facing the same market flooding and undercutting that other photographers have struggled with for over a decade.  Building a six-figure boudoir brand can be done (yes, even in your market), but you have to work for it! 

Posing.  Lighting.  Business.  Pricing.  Sales.  Marketing.  Are you ready?

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In this guide you'll learn:

  • How to avoid the common posing mistakes new boudoir photographers make.

  • Lori’s six-step framework for boudoir posing that works.

  • Coaching your client into boudoir poses without awkwardness (for either of you).

  • How to think critically to make any body look longer, curvier, and more feminine – instead of just memorizing poses.

About Lori

Lori is co-owner of indigosilver studio located in Wilmington, NC.   As an educator, she’s been onstage at WPPI, Imaging USA, Shutterfest, and more. 

She has had featured articles in Shutter Magazine and Professional Photographer Magazine, and has been featured on SLR Lounge. 

Recently, Lori and her husband Jeff founded Lead Savage, an all-in-one marketing platform to help photographers get more leads, book more clients, and make more money!

Now’s your chance to learn one-on-one some of the techniques that she’s used to bring in over six figures in boudoir sales in a pandemic year

So the question is...

Are You Ready to Succeed?

You’ve decided to take on this crazy passionate dream of making a living with your art. You could do things the hard and slow way, learning through trial and error.  You could take years to reach success… or you could follow the blueprints of success laid out by photographers who have been there. 

Are you ready to kick some ass?

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